courtier (ˈkɔːtɪə)
— n
1. an attendant at the court of a king or royal personage
[C13: from Anglo-French courteour (unattested), from Old French cortier to attend at court]

Les Courtières

Brown Poodles

Our Standard Poodles

At Stud

Les Courtieres   Grand Champion Graphic Jackson Browne CGN, CA, S.P.O.T  

Jackson has exceptional movement - flowing and elegant; proper conformation with beautiful extension front and back. He is a sweet boy with wonderful temperament! Standing at stud in SW Ontario Canada. For more on Jackson's pedigree, click here. To see Jackson's health testing, click hereContact us for more information on our stud services.

The Girls

Edencourt Blackberry 'Halle' is a quiet, thoughtful girl.  The show ring was not her favourite place to be but her pedigree is impeccable.  She comes from a long line of champions, and has produced a champion.  She is now the retired matriarch and oversees and helps to teach the youngsters.  Click here for Halle's OFA page. 
CH Courtieres Graphic Tribute   'Honor'   ( Jackson's daughter ) is a sweet beautiful girl with a wonderful temperament.   
Thank you to Renee Koch Photography for the exquisite portraits of Honor!! 

Much anticipated and much loved, our newest addition  CH Autumn Hills Rewind   ' Chanel ' 

Les Courtieres Poodles in Action

For more pictures please see our photo gallery, and watch for more updates as we grow! Occasional litters will be updated on our Litterbox page.    We do not support the crossbreeding of poodles for producing designer dogs.  Purebred poodles are perfection!
We are a member in good standing of the Canadian Kennel Club